Pool Care for Beginners: A Simple Guide

Pool Care for Beginners: A Simple Guide
Aug 28 20

Having your very own pool is the perfect way to enjoy the summer! There is no better way to beat the summer heat than hanging by the pool all summer long. However, it’s no secret that having a pool comes with some serious upkeep. If you’ve just purchased your first pool or are about to have one installed, we’ve created a simple and easy-to-follow guide on pool care for beginners! Keep reading to learn about some of the critical maintenance tips for all pools.

Start with the Basics

When it comes to having a pool, the options are endless – shapes, sizes, lighting, jets, heating, you name it. No matter the type of pool you have, there are still a few main components that all pools have in common: the pool water, interior lining, filter system, and skimmer. These parts need to be regularly maintained and kept in proper condition in order to keep your pool working properly. 

Your Pool Water

This may seem obvious – the water is one of the most important parts. To keep your pool “swimmable”, avoid expensive repairs, and keep the mineral build-up at a minimum, it’s important to keep the proper levels in your pool. Clean, clear, and balanced pool water is the best water! 

Interior Linings

Second to the water is the pool lining. This is in constant contact with your pool, so keeping it in mint condition and regularly repairing and cleaning (mold, algae)  if needed will make a major difference. This may take a little more work, but with the right tools will be an easy job. 

Filter Systems

A great way to understand the pool filter system is to treat it like a liver: the filter cleans out the dirt and debris to keep it running in proper condition. Ensuring the filter system does not have any extreme build-up and is regularly running smoothly will help with the overall pool health – neglecting this can lead to a cloudy, messy, and unswimmable mess. It’s also important to remember a broken filter is an expensive and serious repair. 

Pool Skimmers

Hand in hand with the filter is the skimmer. This pulls the water in to filter and clean, and pushes it out keeping the pool in proper condition. Flushing out dirt and debris helps with all things: the filter system, interior lining, and overall pool water. 

It’s easy to see how all of these parts working together make for a healthy and swimmable pool. Not all pools are the same, but proper maintenance is very important. If you have further questions on pool maintenance, or are looking for additional products, contact us at Rideau Pools today! We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all things pools!

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