Pool Party Safety Tips

pool party safety tips
Jun 19 17

Getting ready to throw a pool party this summer? Don’t let an accident ruin all the fun. Planning for a social gathering should always include safety preparations. Follow these easy pool party safety tips to ensure everyone has a great time and no one gets hurt.

Set out the Rules

Before everyone gets in the pool you should outline the rules with all the kids and adults. This can be in regards to diving, jumping and running. Don’t wait till later or you’ll never get their proper attention. And be firm – if they break the rules make sure they sit out for a period of time so everyone else gets the point.

Keep Watch

Assign adults a set time to watch the pool. Switching up supervisors every twenty minutes will ensure that people stay attentive and alert. Also, have at least one supervisor with first aid training on site.

Clear the Pool Area

Swimming games and toys are a blast but they should not be left around the perimeter of the pool. Also, too many toys in the pool at one time can be unsafe. Children can get trapped underneath floating toys if there is nowhere to go.

Prepare Safety Equipment

Keeping the right safety equipment on hand can be necessary in case of an emergency. Having floatation devices on hand is important as well.

Add a Drain Cover

Pool parties usually involve lots of underwater swimming games. Keeping an anti-entrapment drain cover will ensure that hair does not get tangled and caught while underwater.

Keep Drinks Away

Whether it’s an adult party or a get together for the kids, all glass should be kept at least five feet away from the pool. Glass can easily shatter on the side and end up in the pool, ruining a whole day of fun for everyone.

Create Separate Areas

Keep adult food and drinks in a separate area away from the kid-friendly fare. That way there won’t be any accidental alcohol mishaps.

Hide Chemicals and Tools

Any pool chemicals that are left out should be locked away before the festivities. Lawn tools or pool tools that could be a hazard and should also be hidden and secured.

Pool parties are plenty of fun for everyone, but safety should be the number one priority of the hosts. Prepare in advance and you won’t have to worry about any incidents and can instead, focus on enjoying the party.

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