Pool Safety Check: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Safety Check: Everything You Need to Know
May 8 20

Whether you have kids or not, every pool owner should be aware of the steps to take to ensure their pool is safe. To learn what to add to your checklist during the opening season, here’s everything you need to know for your pool safety check.


By law, every homeowner is required to have their pool enclosed properly with a fence and gate that can latch. Regulations can vary depending on your location, so always check with your local municipal bylaws to determine the exact requirements for height and approval. As a general rule of thumb, the gate surrounding a pool should be self-closing and self-latching. Every year, pool owners should diligently inspect their fence to ensure there are no gaps or any rusted and loose segments.


As a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your pool and ensure that the water is safe to swim in. That means keeping on top of the chemicals needed to sterilize the water and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that could be lurking in there. Some important steps you should be taking include checking the total alkalinity, the calcium hardness, and the pH and chlorine levels every day or even twice per day during the peak heat of summer. Always follow the instructions on the labels strictly, and if you notice any cloudiness in the water, you should retest it and balance out the chemicals properly before getting in. When you’re done using any chemicals, always store them safely away from other chemicals, in a cool, dry place and where kids can’t access them.

Pool Filtration

The filter in your pool also helps to keep your swimming water safe by pumping out any debris and particles. Different size pools will require different durations for how long the pump should be operating. If you’re unsure, ask your local pool experts. Also, check your filters at the beginning of each season to make sure they are intact and in good condition.

First Aid Kit & CPR

Even when you’re diligent, accidents can still happen, which is why every pool owner should have a fully stocked First Aid Kit nearby in case of an emergency. Knowing CPR is also recommended.

When you need expert advice for your pool maintenance, or if you’re looking to have one installed this year, trust the pool experts who have been transforming backyards throughout Ottawa for the past 30 years. Contact us today to learn more.

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