Predicted Swimming Pool Trends for Summer 2020

Predicted Swimming Pool Trends for Summer 2020
Feb 14 20

Though it may not feel like it when you look out at the snow-covered trees, summer isn’t too far away. And with ample time spent indoors during these bone-chilling months, you can start dreaming and planning out your backyard transformation to get ahead of the summer rush. To help you, we’ve compiled some of the top predicted swimming pool trends for summer 2020 to get your creative juices flowing. Here they are.

Extended Pool Ledges for Tanning

Tell the kids to move aside, because the shallow end is serving another purpose for pool owners this year. Sun ledges are becoming a popular growing trend that lets you comfortably work on your golden tan while keeping cool in the shallow section of the pool. It’s the best of both worlds.

Saltwater Pools

Though you may have mostly seen these in hotels and resorts in the past, saltwater pools are also becoming a hot topic among homeowners who want to create a lavish oasis in their backyard. Saltwater pools have been around for a number of years, and now they’re finally starting to catch on in residential spaces. Aside from the natural vibe and look of these stunning pool designs, they’re also gentle on your eyes and skin since they rely more on natural processes to disinfect the water as opposed to chlorine.

Rimless Edges

For a seriously luxe and sophisticated pool design, rimless edges are the way to go. This pool style creates an undeniably elegant look that’s clean, streamlined, and minimalistic. Perfect for homeowners who love the ultra-modern style.

Custom Fit

Even if your backyard is limited on space, a pool may still be possible thanks to custom fit pools. With innovative advancements made within the industry, pool designers can work with a variety of different challenges to transform your outdoor space as you wish. They can even make sure it fits in with the architectural style of your home and garden.

Elaborate Features

To add some pizzazz to an existing poolscape or if you just want to create a showstopping design, there are many different features that you can add today. Fire bowls, LED light displays, waterfalls, and infinity edges are just a few samples of the elaborate features that are heating up in 2020.

Whether you’re interested in a custom fit or want to enhance the look of your pool this year, our team at Rideau Pools is here to help. Get in touch with us today.

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