How to Reduce Water Loss

how to reduce water loss
Sep 11 17

One of the biggest costs of maintaining a pool is in water loss. This can cost you lots of your hard-earned money in increased water bills. Instead, try these simple tips to reduce water loss and in turn, conserve more of the water in your pool.

Clean the Filter

Without a regularly cleaning the filter, your pool can become murky and dirty, requiring you to backwash the pool.  Backwashing alone can use up to 1000 gallons of water when reversing the flow of water to flush out the contaminants. So instead, clean out your cartridge filter regularly or only do backwashing when it is necessary.

Maintain Proper Chemical Levels

Unbalanced chemical levels can result in unsafe swimming water. Instead, regularly balance your pools chemical levels to reduce water loss and maintain a safe and clean area for swimmers.

Avoid Splashing

Splashing around in the pool often wastes significant amounts of water. And let’s face it, not everyone loves getting splashed by water. So why not create a no splashing rule in the pool. Do not be tempted to lower the pool level, as this will cause your pump to starve for water.  

Reduce Pool Temperature

Evaporation accounts for the largest loss of water, especially in the warm summer afternoons. In Canada this is less of an issue than in hot areas of the United States, but keep an eye on your pool temperature on hot days; you may not need to heat it much if at all during the warmest months.

Create a Wind Barrier

Wind is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to water evaporation. By preventing wind flow from moving across your pool, you can drastically reduce water loss. Try adding hedges, lattice fences, or trees around your pool area to block out the wind.

Use a Solar Cover

At night or when the pool isn’t in use, it’s best to shield the surface with a solar cover. This will prevent the water from evaporating off the surface and will also help prevent the wind from stealing water particles.

Check for Leaks

One way to watch your money go down the drain, is to have a leak in your pool. If you do happen to spot one ensure to have it immediately patched and repaired to prevent and reduce water loss. While scheduled pool inspections are not necessary, if you notice significant water loss you can have a pro come out and check the pool for you.

Water loss can cost you time and money. Instead, focus on better water conservation through the methods described above to reap the full rewards of owning a pool without adding unnecessary effort or expenses to it.

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