Safety Tips for All Pool Owners

safety tips for all pool owners
May 8 17

As a pool owner, it’s your duty to keep your pool safe for people to swim in. Establishing some simple pool rules can help to ensure optimal safety, but there are some other things you need to do. Here we provide you with some safety tips that will ensure both safety and fun for everyone involved.

Pay Attention

If children are planning to swim in your pool, make sure you watch them at all times or assign another responsible adult to do the supervision. It only takes a few seconds for an incident to happen and being attentive and within arm’s reach can help prevent disasters and increase your reaction time.

Keep the Poolside Clear

Make sure to keep toys away from the poolside area. Tripping hazards can lead to serious injuries if someone falls into the side of the pool. Teach your kids and others to put the toys away after each use and keep at least 3 feet from the pool edge when playing. This also applies to electrical appliances – anything that produces a charge should not be anywhere near the poolside.

Install a Pool Fence

To ensure no one enters your pool when you don’t want them to, you must install a pool fence. Keep it on lock down and ensure the key is also stored safely away from children.

Try a Pool Alarm

Another way to detect entry into your pool is with a pool alarm. The alarm floats on the surface of the pool and has a sensor that detects motion. If anyone has entered your pool, you will know about it.

Door Alarms

If you have small children, a great preventative tool is a door alarm. If a child opens the door to the outside, the alarm sounds. Many of the models have adult pass-through features that allow adults to go through without the alarm sounding – perfect for your back door that goes out towards the pool.

First Aid Training

As proactive as you can be, accidents and emergencies can still happen. Being preventative is not enough, you also need to be prepared. At least one adult in our house should have proper First Aid training and know what to do in case of any accidents.

A pool is one of the best investments you can make for your family. But it also can become a dangerous one if safety precautions are not taken. But if you prepare yourself and follow these tips, you can ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone.

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