Set Your Backyard Apart With Fire Accents

set your backyard apart with fire accents
Jun 12 17

When the summer finally arrives, the backyard becomes your own little private oasis where you can embrace the day, soaking in the sunny rays and relaxing. And if you’re looking to really boost up the “wow” factor of your backyard and pool area for those summer get-togethers, what better way than blending water with fire?

You can get creative and add that special flair to set your backyard apart with fire accents added into your design. For some great examples of how to incorporate fire accents in your outdoor setting, read on.

Fire Bowl

Just imagine your evening summer BBQ setting, lit up with a tropical or elegant fire bowl thrown into the mix. It’s like having your own mini-Vegas showcase! Fire bowls can be installed just about anywhere in your backyard. All they require is a connection to a gas supply, which can be added to your pool heater setup. And with the simple flick of a switch or button, you get an impressive and captivating element! You can add some torches or a single fire bowl to create the ultimate night-time entertainment setting.

Fire and Water Bowls

With the advanced designs and technology today, you can blend both of the magical and soothing properties of water and fire. These elements can come together for one impressive display with a simple hook up to your pool’s plumbing line and main pump, with easy use of automatic values to switch them on and off.

Gas Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy the spring, summer, or fall evenings than sitting around a fire pit, reminiscing and laughing with friends and family? A fire pit always creates the perfect central focus of any area or room. It has sultry, inviting and magnetic qualities that we just can’t get enough of. That’s why it’s one of the most popular fire accents that homeowners choose to incorporate into their backyard designs. And beyond the fact of it taking your design to a whole new level, it can allow you to extend those family and friend gatherings for as long as you want during those summer and fall evenings.

Nothing really captivates and completes a design quite like fire accents do. Whether it’s a fire pit, a fire bowl, or the magical blend of both water and fire, these accents are guaranteed to impress and take your backyard design to the next level.

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