Small Backyard? Consider a Small Plunge Pool

small plunge pool backyard
Aug 20 18

When you want a pool to enjoy but are short on space in your backyard, you may feel a little limited in choices. However, there is a space-saving option for you that will get you the pool you so desire. Plunge pools, which are compact and shallow, are the perfect option when you have a small backyard space. They’re even more comfortable to maintain and require less water to operate, and that’s just a couple of the benefits. Let us show you why a small plunge pool might be perfect for your home.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Plunge pools are the perfect addition to any home. Not only are they more affordable than larger pools, but they are also easier to maintain, require fewer chemicals to keep clean, and they need less energy to maintain, which saves you money. They can even be placed in a number of locations around your home to improve the overall aesthetics of your yard. Imagine having a plunge pool right next to your patio or within your garden area surrounded by beautiful foliage. You can’t do that with a big pool, which gives plunge pools the upper hand when it comes to design options.

A Number of Fun Enhancement Options

What’s great about plunge pools is that they can be easily upgraded with water features just like regular-sized pools. So if you want to have a beautiful cascading waterfall or water jet shooting across your plunge pool, you can.

Exceptional Therapeutic Benefits

Plunge pools can also be used for therapeutic reasons. All you need to do is fill the pool with cold water and let the medicinal properties of the water ease muscle pain, inflammation, and improve any injuries you may have. These pools are also shallow enough to be used as a hot tub, especially if you equip yours with jets. Just crank up the heat and enjoy the relaxing and soothing massage-like properties of the water.

A Place to Exercise

If you think that a small plunge pool might be the perfect option, but a little too small to exercise in, you’re mistaken! You don’t have to do laps to get a good cardio workout. You can do a number of low-impact aqua exercises in your plunge pool to work your total core and increase your heart rate. However, laps aren’t off the table since you can install a resistance jet to do stationary laps.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Plunge pools are not just for summer fun. Unlike a large pool, your plunge pool can be easily equipped to run all year-round. All it needs is a quality heater, and you can use it in spring, summer, fall, and also throughout the winter time.

If you’re ready to see a number of stunning plunge pool design options, contact us at Rideau Pools. We can help you find the right style for your yard or customize one to fit seamlessly into your landscaping plan. To learn more, contact us today!

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