Start Planning Your Custom Pool Design for Spring 2017

Start Planning Your Custom Pool Design for Spring 2017
Sep 26 16

If poolscapes and luxury design are in the forefront of your mind, why not start planning now so that next year you can turn that desire into reality? You work hard and you deserve to come home and relax in your own slice of paradise. To get your custom pool planning process up and running for next spring, now is the best time to do it.

Create your Vision

Beginning in autumn gives you the best amount of time to explore different designs and popular trends that you can incorporate to make your own unique design. And since you have optimal timing on your side, if you decide to change your mind a few times – you can!

Fine Tuning the Details

Having an early jump-start to your design process gives plenty of time to iron out any wrinkles in the details of the project. Whether it’s diving rocks, colourful LED light displays, automation features, or choosing that perfect combination of materials that represent your style, the more details you have nailed down, the smoother the construction process will be.

Hire Reputable Experts

Of course, turning your dream paradise into reality all comes down to finding the right Ottawa pool designer and contractor to get the job done right and as efficiently as possible. It’s always wise to do a bit of research beforehand. Look for their level of experience, references, and of course, examples of their work. Knowing that your design is in good hands makes all the difference, and allows you to feel confident with the outcome.

Freedom of Options

Needless to say, the earlier you start the process, the more freedom and options that you have available to you. Between sizing, coverage, and intricate fixtures – explore your options with your expert designer so that you get what you want and feel satisfied.

Owning your own piece of paradise in the comfort of home can be more than a far-off dream. If you’ve been placing this wish on the backburner for years, take the leap and start now. Fall is the best time to get your ideas together and begin the process of your design. Find a reputable designer you can rely on, fine tune the details with 3-D renderings of your new backyard oasis, and you’ll be ready to turn that dream into reality come next spring.

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