Start Thinking about Summer Renos Now!

Start Thinking about Summer Renos Now!
Jan 20 18

If you’ve been feeling chilled to the bone lately with the depressing winter weather, we have the cure! Start thinking about your summer renos now! Nothing will warm your spirit like the thought of summertime by the pool. And now is the perfect time to start mulling over the type of outdoor pool design and features you want to be installed in your own backyard. Start planning out your pool reno project now and take advantage of these benefits.

Take Your Mind Off Of the Frigid Cold

One of the best reasons for planning your summer renos during the winter is to preoccupy your mind. Even if it’s only for a few hours, you get to transport your mind by dreaming of those warm summer days. Pool planning is an instant cure for your winter blues by shaking you out of the depressing mindset and into the pool planning stages with positive vibes in tow.  Plus, you might as well take advantage of those evenings when you’re tucked inside with nothing to do!

 Slow Season for Pool Companies

It’s always smart to take advantage of the slow seasons. And when it comes to pool companies, of course, the wintertime is the slowest. But that means more time, energy and attention is available to focus on your individual wants and needs. At Rideau Pools, we will sit down with you to assist in the planning and layout of your pool reno project. We’ll also provide a quote so that you can start saving nice and early so you can be ready when the warm weather finally arrives.

Get Your Reno Done Sooner

Waiting to have your pool installed during the beautiful summer weather can seem like an awful waste – you just want it to be done so you and the family can enjoy it! By getting a head start with planning in the winter, everything will be ready to go as soon as possible. You can have the installation completed towards the spring or early summer and then take full advantage of your pool once the temperature really cranks up and you need it most.

There really is no better time to start your pool planning process than now. Take advantage of the slow season by talking to one of our helpful staff to aid in the entire process so you can get the best head start on your project. And once the warmer weather returns, you can get the installation done and dusted so that it doesn’t eat into your summer fun. Contact us today to get started!

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