The Benefits of Green Pool Features

Green pool
Jun 8 15

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a swimming pool overgrown with green algae. Do you know that eco-friendly pool features save energy, water usage, heating costs, and supply costs? Here are some of the major energy-saving benefits of eco-friendly green pool systems, equipment, and features:

AquaGenie Skimmer

Say goodbye to dangerous and inefficient bottom drains with the high-powered and eco-friendly AquaGenie Skimmer. The Aqua Genie uses a pressure chamber to drive water downward after it has been filtered. This powerful current of clean water prevents dirt and debris from settling to the bottom of the pool, while at the same time forcing leaves, insects, pollen, dirt and oils directly into the skimmer. As an added bonus, the constant water circulation means that your pool water will remain at a uniform temperature from the surface of the pool straight to the bottom. The AquaGenie Skimmer helps cut your electrical bill because the pool pump can operate at lower speeds thanks to simplified plumbing runs. As an added bonus, the skimmer drastically reduces the need for manual vacuuming and skimming.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are an increasingly popular green option because they are much more effective at filtering dirt and debris than sand filters. To clean a cartridge filter, all you need to do is rinse it with a garden hose a couple times over the summer. With no backwashing required, you’ll save money on chemicals, heating costs, and water usage.

Variable Speed Pumps

Eco-conscious pool owners can rejoice at the entry of variable speed pumps on the market, instead of wasteful single speed pumps. You can manually program speed adjustments throughout the day with a basic model, while advanced models automatically adjust speeds based on system demands. Variable speed pumps save up to 90% in energy usage compared with single speed pumps, and are also significantly quieter when in operation.

Salt Water System

Pool owners who want to go green are switching to salt water systems instead of chemically chlorinated swimming pools. Dramatically cut your expenses on store bought chlorine with the natural alternative. A mild-low voltage current transforms natural salts in to naturally occurring chlorine. Salt water systems are also easier on swimmers’ eyes, skin, and bathing materials.

LED Lights

Green pool features also extend into lighting options. LED light bulbs have a typical lifespan beyond twenty years compared to three years for traditional pool lights. Slash expenditure on new bulbs and save yourself time and effort with frequent bulb changes. LED lights also use a fraction of the energy of standard halogen or incandescent pool lights, which helps the environment and cuts your energy bills. LEDs have a more expensive upfront costs, but more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Liquid Solar Blanket

If you leave your swimming pool exposed to the elements all day long, you’re losing heated water (that you pay for!) to evaporation. A liquid solar blanket runs on a high-tech system that injects a “blanket” of naturally biodegradable alcohol and fatty esters, derived from palm kernel, onto your pool to slow evaporation and heat loss. Liquid solar blankets are popular green solutions because they save on heating energy and water usage.

Whether you’re an existing pool owner who would like to make the switch to a green pool or would like to have a custom green pool installed from scratch, Rideau Pools can help. Contact us today for a free quote.

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