Is it Time to Build a New Pool Deck?

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Feb 13 17

It’s easy to recognize signs of wear and tear over the years, but it’s not always easy to determine when it’s time to replace that old deck or pool surround. Here we’ve compiled a few of the main signs that will tell you it’s time to build a new pool deck.

There are Rotting Posts

Pool decks these days are usually built with concrete posts that don’t rest directly on the footings. But if your deck is older or if it existed prior to your moving in, there’s a good chance that the posts could be sitting on those footings. This is bad news, especially when there’s water involved since they can soak up moisture easily and eventually rot. Over time, constant moisture can weaken the posts and create an unsafe surface.

The Connections Between Posts are Weak

In addition to the footings, another sign that could point to a necessary replacement deck is if the posts are fastened to the side of the beams or rim joists. If this is the case, then they are placing weight on the connecting fasteners that help support the posts and the deck.

The Deck Boards Move When You Walk

Over time, without proper water treatment, the joists that help support the deck boards can pull apart from the rim joist. This can gradually cause the deck boards to twists and wobble and become weak.

Water is Seeping Beneath the Deck

When it comes to a pool deck, it’s imperative for it to be properly protected against water from splashing and footsteps. But when you notice that water is seeping between the surface, this could point to a problem with the ledger flashing. Ledger flashing is what keeps the water from percolating through your deck to where it’s attached to your home. If the ledger board is worn away or there isn’t any in place to begin with, this can create a very precarious surface since leaks can easily lead to mould and rot in the walls of your home.

If you’ve been debating about whether or not it’s time to build a new pool deck, keep an eye on each of these signs. If you recognize that the majority of these are occurring with your current structure, then it’s time!

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