Tips on Designing an Eco-friendly Pool

Tips on Designing an Eco-friendly Pool
Dec 14 15

Environmental awareness and eco-consciousness is a growing priority for homeowners in the Ottawa area. If you’re in the market for a new swimming pool and you’d like to make sure that it has the most eco-friendly design elements, you’ll love this quick guide. Our tips on designing an eco-friendly pool will help you to access the energy-conscious, ultra-clean performance that you’re looking for.

Minimize Energy Loss

Great pool design will help you to avoid energy loss. With conventional pool design, ten percent of lost energy goes into the ground, thirty percent is lost to radiation and the balance (seventy percent) is lost due to evaporation.

Since evaporation is by far the biggest problem, reducing it will be the key to boosting energy efficiency. One option is to create a windbreak, such as a fence or a cluster of trees. This windbreak should be high and nearby enough to the water to stop turbulence. Turbulence triggers evaporation. However, your windbreak should not produce shade, as this will cool your pool. An experienced custom pool builder will know how to design the perfect windbreak for you.

Another option for minimizing evaporation is the usage of a liquid pool cover. This type of cover will keep heat inside your pool, thereby helping to stop energy loss. These systems automatically inject a natural liquid into the pool in the evening to reduce heat loss and evaporation.

In addition, this type of liquid pool cover serves another important purpose. It decreases the amount of water that is needed in order to run a pool. For this reason, the right planet-friendly liquid pool cover will be a smart investment. Most custom pool builders offer these products for sale, along with expert advice on how to use them correctly.

Energy savings will also help you to decrease the cost of your monthly power bill. This is why choosing eco-conscious pool construction and systems/accessories will be a very smart decision.

Lastly, when a pool is being designed, it will need to be outfitted with the right systems and this means an energy-conscious skimmer, saltwater system, variable speed pump, cartridge filter and LED lights.

Get an Aqua Genie Skimmer

For example, the Aqua Genie Skimmer works without the need for a bottom drain within a swimming pool. This is a good thing, as these types of drains are very dangerous and simply not as efficient as an Aqua Genie Skimmer.

This skimmer cleans as it circulates warm water around the pool, so it provides heating benefits without wasting energy. It’s a great product and will certainly improve the eco-friendliness of your swimming pool.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to ask for the right design elements, pool systems and pool accessories. By using some of Rideau Pools innovations, you’ll be helping the planet without sacrificing any of your fun and relaxation in your new pool.

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