Top 5 Backyard Trends of 2019

Top 5 Backyard Trends of 2019
Nov 15 19

Want to transform your lackluster backyard into a fun and relaxing oasis? Whether you’re planning to have it redone this fall or just want to learn about the most popular styles to plan for your spring project, here are the top backyard trends of 2019 to lend some creative inspiration.

Low Key & Low Maintenance

As the minimalistic style gathers more momentum for design, it’s also becoming a popular trend in the backyard. This means simple concepts with clean lines and soft palettes, modern furniture and not too much clutter, even for the garden. To make your yard low maintenance, consider opting for perennials plants, avoid messy shrubs and trees, and include more hardscapes, using good quality materials like stone and interlock that will last and keep your yard looking sharp and clean.


As more homeowners decide to spend their vacation time closer to home, we’re seeing a much greater demand for creative staycation designs. Features like fire bowls, unique lighting displays integrated with the pool, lavish outdoor bars, and quaint lounging hubs with ample lighting can turn your space into an enjoyable, resort-like setting.

Spillover Spas for the Pool

Pool owners are also seeking more ways to amp up their pool design with eye-catching and impressive features to wow their guests. Spillover spas or infinity-edge poolscapes are prime examples of this. They add a touch of luxury to the backyard.

Private Nooks

Another staple backyard trend for 2019 is the private nook. After a long and stressful day, sometimes there’s nothing better than being able to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own outdoor space. Whether it’s a pergola, on the patio or deck, simple water features, comfy lounge chairs, hammocks, and miniature trees acting as a barrier – think of how you can create the perfect spot to indulge and unwind in privacy.

Creative Lighting

Simple but essential, lighting is a crucial part of creating a truly cozy and inviting outdoor space. Light features also make it more comfortable and practical to enjoy the backyard, even as the evenings grow darker. There are so many unique options for including creative lighting into your space, from spotlights and solar-powered lamps tucked throughout the garden, to string lights for that perfect patio vibe, and even lanterns are simple and effective for cozying up any space. 

What to get creative with your outdoor space this year? At Rideau Pools, our pool and design experts can help you create the ideal backyard setting so you can make the most out of it. Contact us today to learn more.

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