Top Backyard Trends of 2020

Top Backyard Trends of 2020
Nov 17 20

Prior to 2020, spending time out in the backyard was something mainly reserved for the weekends, or when we could carve out a little downtime to enjoy it. But nowadays, with much more time spent at home, more people are starting to revamp the way they’re using their outdoor space. By getting creative with the backyard, you can create your own personal, luxurious retreat right from the comfort of home. To spruce up your outdoor space this year, we’ve gathered some of the top backyard trends of 2020 for you to consider.

Extended Outdoor Living

Being cooped up has led many of us to find ways to take advantage of our outdoor space by viewing it as an extended living space. This means more attention to details, like adding cozy furniture, rugs, pillows and other fine touches that make it feel just as comfy outside when you’re lounging or entertaining.

Low Maintenance and Sustainable

Gardens that are low maintenance are becoming the new norm. Aside from needing less work, they’re also better for the environment. Instead of large sprawling lawns, we’re seeing an increase of wildflower gardens and even wildflower lawns mixed with hardscape features. Aside from looking amazing, wildflower gardens help pollinators like bees, along with other insects and wildlife, flourish. They’re also beneficial for improving soil health and reducing the need for excess water.

Luxurious Escapes with Natural Materials

Being in and around water helps to naturally soothe the soul and calm the mind. But beyond its therapeutic properties, it’s also a great way to have fun, splash around and get in some exercise. That’s why pools and water features are the biggest backyard trends of 2020. As homeowners look for ways to entertain the kids and themselves, poolscapes are gaining more momentum than ever. Today, there are many unique and customizable options that can make a pool work for just about any size, shape and level of terrain.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are popping up everywhere – and for good reason. They’re an excellent way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while getting in some light exercise and fresh air. Planting veggies, learning how to nurture them and then watching them grow is an incredibly rewarding hobby and process, especially when you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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