Troubleshooting Your In-Ground Pool Pump

Trouble shooting your in-ground pool pump
Dec 26 16

When you notice your in-ground pool pump begins to lose steam or fails altogether, there are some simple steps that can often work to alleviate this problem and return the pump to its original power and efficiency. If you’re experiencing issues with your pump, here are common problems and some helpful steps you can try that might just get it to work:

The pump is very noisy

If your pump seems to be making excessive noise, there could be two potential reasons why. If you hear a high-pitch sound, then it could be time to replace it. This usually happens when the pump has endured much wear and tear and is nearing the end of its lifespan.

If it sounds like a subtle banging, this is usually caused by a minor issue with vibrations. This can be solved by simply adding a rubber spacer beneath the pump.

There’s not enough pressure coming from the pump

If it appears like there’s little to no pressure coming from the pump, it usually means there is a blockage somewhere in the line or filter. If that’s the case, you need to clean the filter, or remove any objects that might be causing the blockage in the line. The blockage could be caused by anything from rocks and twigs to pool toys. Also make sure your pump impeller is clean, as this is another cause of pressure loss.

The pump isn’t working

When the pump doesn’t seem to be working at all, you must check that the power is on. Make sure the connections are all in place and check for blown circuit breakers or fuses. Make sure nothing has happened to the power cord and it hasn’t been damaged by the elements or hungry critters.

The pump won’t prime

If the pump won’t prime, there are usually three potential reasons for this: The first is that the lid isn’t on tightly, or the O-rings aren’t installed properly. Check these areas first and ensure there aren’t any cracks. The second factor could be a result of air penetration through a suction leak. You should call a technician to assess this if you feel like this is the cause. And finally, there could be obstacles, such as toys, that are causing a blockage in the suction line.

The pump cuts off after expelling hot water

When your pump shuts off after running hot water, this is a thermal cut-off point, which prevents the water from getting too hot. It acts like a thermostat by shutting off and on again in order to regulate the temperature. In some cases, if this is a constant issue, there could be a malfunction and would require replacement.

At Rideau Pools, we want you to get the most out of your pool so you spend more time swimming and less time troubleshooting. Reach out to us if you have any more questions about your pool and its components; we’re always happy to help!

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