Upgrade the Ambience of Your Pool

upgrade the ambiance of your pool
Jul 24 17

Having a pool is all about enhancing the atmosphere of your backyard. And the best part about owning a pool is that you can create your own luxury setting any way you please so it can reflect your particular style and vibe. With a few set features and additions, you can upgrade the ambience of your pool so that you can finally enjoy your own piece of paradise right in the comfort of home. Here are some key areas to think about for your upgrade.


Nothing can affect the ambience and atmosphere of a setting like lighting does. Whether it’s a cool, fluorescent hue or a warm glow– you can bet that light will impact your setting. Consider how you can use light to create the atmosphere that you desire. With LED lighting, for example, you can light up the night to extend those pool parties with friends.

Water Features

No matter where they are placed, water features are always an eye-catcher. They command attention through both sight and sound and are often a focal part of a design. Adding in a water feature, such as an infinite fountain amidst the pool setting can really set your pool design apart and take that ambience to the next level.

Salt Chlorination

Are you sick of using chlorine and enduring the hassle it can require? Why not make the switch to salt chlorination like so many pool owners have? With the advanced salt chlorine generators available today, the pool automatically converts salt into chlorine. As a result, you won’t have to rely on harsh chemicals usually used to maintain clean and clear pool water.


Between your lighting, fountain features, and even a salt chlorine generator, you can eliminate any hassle by having everything automated. Automation systems can be set to turn off and on when you choose. Turn lights on and off, set the temperature remotely, and take full control from anywhere.


You should never let the cool temperature of the water prevent you from taking full advantage of your pool when you want. If those late summer evenings or autumn days deter you from taking that much needed relaxing dip, then consider adding heat to the mix. Imagine being able to slip into warm welcoming water for that higher degree of comfort when you need it.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade the ambience of your pool, focus on key areas such as these. With one or all of these additions, you’ll have the perfect intimate setting to enjoy those hot summer days.

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