Welcome to the Diverse World of Inground Pool Shapes

Welcome to the Diverse World of Inground Pool Shapes
Jan 23 19

Not sure which pool shape will fit perfectly into your backyard? Although there’s quite a diverse world of inground pool shapes to choose from, there are a few popular designs that can help you get a better idea of what you may like. Take a quick look at these shapes below, and then we can then take it from there to help you design the perfect style for your home.


Just like a kidney bean, the shape and size of a kidney pool is similar to that of a figure eight. You’ve likely seen or been in a kidney pool before since it’s been a popular style since the ’70s. Many people prefer the kidney shape because it provides ample space inside the pool without taking away from the surrounding landscaping. It’s also useful when you want to add a hot tub or spa to one side while leaving another area for swimming purposes.

Lap Pool

If you want to add a pool for the sole purpose of fitness and exercise, a lap pool is the way to go. Its straightforward rectangular shape will allow you to swim laps at ease or play any water sport easily.


Looking for a pool shape that will give you plenty of room to entertain? Then you need an L-shape pool. This type has a second, shorter section that can be used for the kids to play in or for the adults to lounge in. The larger area is great for swimming laps or for adding a deep end.

Square and Round

If you are limited on space, a round or square pool design works best. You can easily customize the size to squeeze into whatever size yard you have. This is also a popular choice for those who want to have a pool, but don’t want it to be the centre point of the backyard.


If you want to impress all your guests with more aesthetics, a lagoon pool is a great option. Its shape has three distinct circular areas, which makes it the ideal style when you want to have a number of different features in it, such as a waterfall, diving area, jacuzzi, or sports section.  


The contours of a freeform pool do not obey the normal rules of geometry — they can include whatever the designer visualizes. They are used to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings and can be made to fit into tight or awkward backyard spaces. With the right landscape work, they can even be created to mimic a lagoon or unique oasis.

Roman Pools

If you’re looking for a work of art that resembles a spa-style pool, you need a Roman design. Part rectangle, part octagon — the Roman pool designs include corners and rounded edges. These are an excellent option when you want a diving area, wading pool area, or a hot tub.

Whatever size backyard you have, we’re here to help you make all the right decisions about your pool design. Our team at Rideau Pools can provide you with all the advice to select the perfect pool shape that will enhance your backyard space so it can live up to your lifestyle.

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