What are the Leading Trends in Home Pool Design?

What are the Leading Trends in Home Pool Design?
Jul 25 16

Nothing gives you, your guests, and your entire home that “wow factor” like the cool, pristine qualities of water. Adding a pool to your home can transform your design into a space of luxury. If you’re interested in incorporating some luxury into your home, here are the leading trends in home pool design that will make you feel like every day is just another day in paradise.

A Touch of Spa

Imagine spa-like features in your own home. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. For many, they’ve made this their reality by incorporating spa-like hot tubs in a way that takes design to a whole new level. Spa baths within pools that can ascend and descend from beneath a pool are the latest and greatest feature of ultimate luxury. Talk about WOW!

Infinity and Tranquility

Infinity pools that softly flow and appear to merge with the sky are catching the eyes of design enthusiasts. Whether incorporated into a modest fountain or featured as the main event of a backyard – these tranquil pools are becoming increasingly popular as additions to patios, or even decked out with heated jets that can be controlled with the flick of a button.

A Touch of Flair

Whether traditional or modern – pool owners are opting for features that add that extra touch of flair and luxury to their simplistic designs. Features such as waterfalls, deck jets, and sun ledges or benches are most favourable. Who doesn’t love luxury and convenience?

Outdoor Oasis

For the extreme designers and homeowners, creating a complete outdoor oasis means no holding back. Going all out means lavish pools that combine features such as an outdoor kitchen, spa pool, and even an attached sunroom that results in one awesome social hub. It’s the place everyone wants to be.

Tropical Paradise

For those tropical birds that can’t find the time to fly south as often as they wish – they’re bringing the tropics to their own backyard. We’re talking about resort-style lagoons, custom waterslides, beautiful grottos and a whole lot of piña coladas. Stay-cation never looked so good.

So whether your style is grandiose luxury, or a more subtle feature piece, the trends that are making waves this year combine a variety of designs that are sure to peak your interest. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, and being able to create your own piece of paradise at home is a dream that you can make your reality.

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