What You Need to Know Before Creating a Custom Pool Design

Custom pool design
Aug 18 15

A custom pool design can turn an otherwise boring backyard into a remarkable retreat.  However, just because you can conceptualize it doesn’t mean that it can be done. There are a number of factors which must be considered before you start creating some over-the-top custom pool. Realistically, most things are possible with enough determination and education. Still, before you start falling in love with some outrageous custom pool design, take into account a few of these common factors.

  1. The Lay of the Land

Your custom pool design might look terrific on paper, but the land on which it will sit does not always allow for everything you want. Certain hills and valleys might exist where you least expect them, preventing you from extending a portion of your pool where you want it. Consider the lay of the land before you start digging out a trench for your swimming pool of you might end up doing more work than is necessary.

  1. Property Laws and Legal Restrictions

In some areas of the country, swimming pools must pass some kind of inspection before becoming operational. Waiting until the last minute to learn about these laws and restrictions could spell expensive disaster. Why go through all the trouble of designing and installing a custom pool just to be told that you cannot use it? Avoid this disappointing mishap by simply double checking that your concept is within its legal boundaries.

  1. Desired Materials

The type of materials you wish to use for your custom pool design matter quite a bit. Some materials are harder to cut and shape than others, and this could mean more time and money from you. Think about this when designing the layout of your pool, patio, and/or deck. If you are not careful when it comes to this step, you might end up taking on a huge construction job that tears up your entire property.

  1. Your Budget

Basic swimming pools cost money, and a custom pool design costs even more. Although you might have something grand in mind, try to remember that everything has a price tag.  Be realistic about your expectation and try not to become disappointed when a detail has to be reconsidered because of a budget issue.

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