When to Start the Pool Opening Process

When to Start the Pool Opening Process
Mar 26 21

As soon as the winter ice begins to melt and the mild spring weather resurfaces, we get flooded with questions about when to start the pool opening process. It’s an exciting time when you can finally prepare for those blissful days lounging in the sun. To help you get prepped and ready for the warmer days ahead, here’s a brief breakdown of the timeframe for opening your pool.

Aim For the Last Week in April

Typically, the best time to begin uncovering and opening the pool is when the ice has completely melted away from in and around the pool. This usually occurs around the last week of April. Even though it may seem too soon, the earlier you can get it opened, the easier it will be to maintain. Having said that, there really isn’t a perfect time to open it. This will always depend on the weather. The rule of thumb is to do it once the risk of frost is gone and the warmer weather is consistent.

Start the Circulation to Reduce Algae

The reason why we recommend getting a jump start on the pool opening process so early is to reduce the algae and bacteria growth in the pool. These flourish in stagnant water and warmer temperatures. If you leave the pool unattended during the spring without the proper chemicals, circulation and sanitization processes in place, the greater the risk will be for developing a major algae-infested problem. So don’t wait until the really warm weather arrives. Tackle it now to make your pool maintenance much easier.

Keep an Eye on Pollen

When the spring arrives, so does the pollen which can be an aggravating time for those with allergies – and also for pool owners. When nature blossoms back to life, keep an eye on your pool. Pollen can also contribute to bacteria growth and algae, so make sure to clean out any debris that ends up in the pool.

If you’re thinking about getting a pool installed this year, contact us at Rideau Pools in Ottawa. We’re excited to help you get the backyard of your dreams!

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