Which Shape of Pool is Best for You?

Which Shape of Pool is Best for You?
May 15 20

Determining which shape of pool is best for you comes down to two main factors: your style preference and your terrain. You might want a large, lavish rectangular pool, but the size and slope of your backyard might limit your options. Here are a few of the most popular pool shapes to consider for your backyard.

Customized, Freeform

Freeform pools are one of the most popular designs these days and for obvious reasons. Being able to customize the shape and size makes it easy and more flexible to create a new poolscape that works best for your landscape. It’s also more visually appealing when you have a pool that integrates more naturally with the surrounding area. This is ideal for those who have an awkward size or shape of backyard.


The kidney shape pool is just as it sounds. It’s a classic design that resembles a kidney bean, curving in towards the middle. If you have the size to accommodate this style, it’s a design that never gets old. It’s also handy if you want to add any water features to your poolscape in the future.

Modern Rectangle

With sleek, straight lines, the rectangular pool is another classic look that’s one of the top trending styles still today. It’s clean, simple, and elegant. This is suitable for those with ample room in their yard with flat and even terrain.


The L-shaped pool design can work well with landscapes that have a strict and limited amount of space. It gives you two clearly defined sections, for laps or lounging, allows for various depths, and can integrate with well with the architectural style of your home.


For those who want a statement feature for their backyard, Roman pool designs are the way to go. With a large, rectangular body and dome-like shapes with stairs on each end, it’s a stunning design that’s luxurious and timeless.

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