Why Outside Dining Areas are so Popular

Why Outside Dining Areas are so Popular
Feb 22 19

Beyond the simple grill and seating area, outdoor dining used to be fairly simple. But today, we’re seeing homeowners placing a greater emphasis on the desire to create more intimate and lavish spaces outside to entertain family and friends. In fact, outside dining areas are becoming so popular that they’re increasing property values as more buyers place it as a priority during their search. Learn how to enhance your outdoor space while boosting the value of your home with these top outdoor patio features — perfect to go along with your custom inground pool.

Full-Suite Kitchen

As outdoor living and entertaining gain greater momentum, elaborate full-suite kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. With the desire to cook and prepare food outside while entertaining friends and family, we’re seeing more backyards incorporate things like an outdoor fridge, significant counter space, sinks, and even some with more elaborate features like islands, ovens, bar areas, and more. Think of how you can improve your outdoor grilling station to be more of an interactive dining experience, so no one has to be stuck inside while missing out on all the fun.

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Dining Areas

Another new and popular trend we’re seeing more of is the open, seamless design of both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the luxury market, collapsible walls or sliding glass doors are transforming more outdoor areas into extensions of the interior. This makes it extra convenient to use year-round while staying comfortable at any time of the year.

Eye-Catching Pool & Water Features

As more homeowners opt for stay-cations rather than jet-setting across the globe, they’re getting more imaginative, creating their own private, luxurious havens right at home. Elaborate poolscapes or eye-catching water features are among the most popular backyard additions. Beyond the traditional pool design, we’re seeing a shift to more unique pool shapes, along with jets, waterfalls, fire bowls, and more. And investing in these elegant designs is always worth it when you can find the reprieve and escape you need right outside your backdoor.
As Canadians, we know that once the warmer weather arrives, you need to make the most of it. So what better way to do that than by making your backyard into a personal haven where you can lounge and entertain in utter bliss? Stop dreaming and start planning with our team at Rideau Pools. We can help you design and install your ideal outdoor space before the summer hits. Give us a call to learn more!

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