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AquaGenie Skimmer
AquaGenie skimmer
Say no to bottom drains
How the AquaGenie skimmer works
The beauty of the AquaGenie skimmer is that there is no need for a bottom drain in the pool. Bottom drains add unnecessary plumbing runs under a pool. If these runs ever leak, there is no way to fix them without removing the liner and demolishing the pool concrete floor.

The AquaGenie skimmer utilizes a high-power fan jet that is angled downwards towards the pool bottom. The current created by this flow carries the warm water from your heater down to the bottom of the pool and up the opposite side wall. This creates a cleaning effect that pushes any debris that hits the surface of your pool directly into the skimmer. It also mixes the warm water so there are no cold spots.

In addition, getting rid of the bottom drain is a blessing in disguise. Bottom drains are notorious for entrapment issues and pool deaths. One less thing for you to worry about in your new pool.

  1. Up to 90% less vacuuming and skimming as  the AquaGenie skimmer removes the majority of debris from the surface before it can sink to the bottom of the pool.
  2. Simplified plumbing runs (no bottom drain required) allows for lower HP pump operating speeds which saves you big money on your electrical bills.

Cartridge Filter
Cartridge filter
Cartridge filters are increasingly becoming the filter of choice on new pool installations. Cartridge filters can screen out much more dirt and debris than older style sand filters. Their larger filtration area and smaller screen (micron) size allows the cartridge to remove much smaller particles than sand. Maintenance is also easier in that there is no need for a backwashing step.

All you have to do is take the pool filter cartridge out of the system and wash it off with a garden hose. This is usually done once or twice per pool season.

Cartridge filters also cut energy costs by utilizing lower pump flow. This allows the use of newer Variable Speed Pumps. Another bonus - running at lower speeds will also extend the life of your pump.

  1. NO backwashing required to clean filter. Saves water, heat, and chemicals. Why dump your water that you have just paid to heat? Not to mention the salt that you have just balanced.
  2. Simplified plumbing runs (no bottom drain required) allow for lower HP pumps which saves you big money on your electrical bills.

  variable speed pump
Variable Speed Pump
Variable speed pumps are the newest energy saving feature available on the market today. Up until 2008, most pumps on your average pool were single speed (high speed). Pool owners recognized this was a tremendous waste of energy, sometimes costing more money to run than the average home air conditioner.

Finally, the market is responding by bringing us Variable Speed motors and Multi Speed motors, both of which has helped reduce the carbon footprint of the average neighbourhood pool.

The basic models can be programmed manually to change speeds at different times per day. The more advanced models integrate with an automation system (pictured right) where they take their cues from the demand from the heating, water feature and sanitization systems.In addition, getting rid of the bottom drain is a blessing in disguise. Bottom drains are notorious for entrapment issues and pool deaths. One less thing for you to worry about in your new pool.

  1. Huge energy savings due to slower operating speeds - up to 90% compared to traditional single speed pumps.
  2. Dramatically quieter operation than standard pumps - 4x quieter than a single speed pump.

Salt Water System
Salt Water System
Over the past decade, salt water systems have revolutionized how we sanitize our pool water and keep it sparkling clean. Salt (NaCl) is added to the pool water and passed through the salt cell (pictured right) which uses a low voltage current to split the salt molecules apart into a useable form of naturally occuring chlorine.

The biggest advantage for the pool owner is that there is no need to purchase powdered or liquid chlorine anymore. No more needless trips to the pool store and hauling chemicals. No more ruined clothing handling chlorine (think bleach). The cost savings are in the hundreds of dollars compared to using chlorine.

  1. Reduces chlorine consumption to zero. Uses natural salts instead of man-made chemicals.
  2. Easier on eyes, skin and bathing suits as chloramine levels are low. This also results in a reduced need for shocking your pool water (superchlorination).

  LED Lights
LED Lights
We all know that switching to a colored LED light adds a whole new feel and look to your swimming pool, but does it actually save you money? The answer is YES. LED lights use a fraction of the electricity that you would regularly use on an incandescent or halogen light.

In addition, LED light bulbs will typically last upwards of 20 years. Halogens and incandescents can be replaced in as little as 3 years. This makes the extra cost of LEDs very worth the money - and you can benefit by adding a splash of rainbow colour to your evening swim.

  1. Uses approximately 15% of the energy that a standard pool light uses.
  2. Lasts up to 7x longer than a standard pool light bulb resulting in fewer bulb changes.

  Liquid Solar Blanket
Liquid Solar Blanket
Stop your pool from losing heat every day - all day. Liquid solar blankets create a microscopic layer on the surface of your pool water. This invisible blanket works by stopping your pool from evaporating the hot water on the surface of the pool. This hot water usually goes up in the form of steam. Even if you can�t see it, your pool is steaming as long as the water temperature is warmer than the air.

In addition, evaporating pool water in times of draught can be very costly on your water bill. It is easy to see 1 - 2 inches of water loss per day in the hottest times of the pool season. With the addition of a Liquid Solar Blanket, the evaporative water loss is greatly reduced which will save you a ton of money on your water bill.

Liquid Solar Blankets are primarily composed of alcohol which is harmless and naturally biodegradable. The injection system works on a timer that injects a small amount into your pool as needed.

  1. Greatly reduces heat loss from pool at all times of day. Saves on heating energy.
  2. Dramatically reduces evaporation of pool water. Saves on water usage.

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