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Rideau Pools specializes in Hayward Pool products. The industry's top manufacturer with the most innovative products - like the new smartphone app to control your pool from just about anywhere. Expecting a few friends after work, why not turn up the temperature now and the pool will be ready when you get home.
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Eco Friendly Pumps and Heaters
"No Backwash" Filtration
Backwashing pool filters can waste thousands of gallons of water every season. Hayward's large-capacity cartridge filters save up to 92% of the backwash water used with traditional filters - saving you hundreds of dollars on your water, salt and heating bills. Why would anyone dump their water that they have paid to heat?

 In addition, our filter elements can be removed and cleaned with only a garden hose. And depending on the size of the Hayward unit you choose, you may only have to clean yours once or twice a season.

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Eco Friendly Pumps
and Heaters

Rideau Pools builds smart pools with smart equipment. Automating pool and spa functions can save pool owners up to 75% on their pool's energy cost, every season. It can also reduce water and chemical usage and maintenance time.

Automation can make a positive impact on your lifestyle. Utilizing a variable or two-speed pump can save up to 75% on operating costs - as much as $1,200 a season!

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