Semi-Inground Pools

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Semi Inground
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Semi-Inground pools are a specialized pool - borrowing their design partly from the above-ground pool market while also being dug down partially into the ground like an inground pool. The evolution of the semi-inground pool came into being as people became disappointed with the flexible, easily damaged walls of cheap above-ground pools. The designers at Rideau Pools knew there was better way and our solution was to utilize a solid steel wall (the same thickness as an inground pool) that will hold the weight without fear of collapsing.

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose a Rideau Pools semi-inground pool over an inground pool. One of the foremost reasons for installing a semi-inground is that you do NOT want a completely dug-in pool flush with the ground. For example, if you already have an existing wooden deck 24" off of the ground, you can match the pool height to the deck to create a seamless look.

For sloped yards, many people go with the semi-inground pool as you are able to sink the pool deeper into the ground on the side closest to the house making the pool look like a fully inground pool (when looking from the house). However, by sinking the pool deeper into the ground, you start to remove some of the cost advantages of the semi-inground pool as the pricing will slowly creep into inground pool territory.

While most people prefer a fully inground pool, semi-inground pools do have a specific niche, especially on extremely sloped installations. Contact Rideau Pools today and see if a semi-inground pool is right for your yard.

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