The Process

Below are the major details of the Rideau Pools construction process. If you are unfamiliar with pool building, it will help you understand the necessary steps in installing your new pool.
Step 1
Step 1: Do a site visit to measure the yard.
Whether your house is already built, or you are constructing a new home, the foundation to any good swimming pool design is a detailed lot plan that shows the footprint of the house with finished elevations, easements, and set-backs. If your house is already built, this plan should be with your legal documents obtained during your home purchase. If you don't have a lot plan, no problem.  Our designers can measure your yard to be sure of the dimensions.

Once the lot plan has been obtained along with some photos of your yard, our designers can draft a preliminary design that considers the architecture of the home, your functional requirements, sun path, privacy and view opportunities. For hillside properties or sites with changes in elevation, it is often necessary to design a retaining wall into the finished project. Perimeter and retaining walls are best designed in conjunction with the pool, not independently. If you have a hillside lot, contact Rideau Pools as soon as possible so that we might work to create the most integrated design possible.

Step 2
Step 2: Develop a preliminary budget and provide quote.
Based on the site visit and and your design requirements, Rideau Pools' designers will help in assessing what your pool project may cost and deliver a detailed itemized price quote.
Step 3
Step 3: Design a detailed 3-D plan.
Once a conceptual budget has been determined, our designers will then design a 3-D plan with our state of the art software. We will present these preliminary designs to the client for their input and make any changes necessary.
Step 4
Step 4: Draft construction agreement
At this time, once you are happy with the design, we will place your project into our construction schedule. Please plan ahead because the summer season is hectic and available construction dates sell out quickly. We will take a small deposit at this time to book the installation slot.
Step 5
Step 5: Generate construction plans and permit documents
Depending on the complexity of your project and the municipality in which you reside, this phase could take days (for most projects) or up to several weeks (for jobs that require custom engineering and multiple reviews). Rideau Pools will provide all of the construction design documents and permit applications and deliver them your municipality. You will reimburse us for the permit fee that your municipality charges - usually $50 - $200 depending on the area you live in.
Step 6
Step 6: Site prep and layout
Once the building permit has been obtained, construction can begin. Some projects require a good deal of prep-work before the actual pool construction can start. Demolition, grading, and retaining walls are just a few steps that might occur prior to laying out the shape of the pool itself.
Step 7
Step 7: Pool locating in yard
Once the pool is either painted on the ground or staked and delineated with string line, this is a great time to meet with the installer to verify the actual size, configuration, placement, depth and height of all the features that were heretofore discussed with your designer in the 3-D designs. This is where the vision of your project begins to manifest in reality. Utility locates will be done by us at this time as well.
Step 8
Step 8: Excavation commences
If you haven't experienced it already, the action and excitement begins with loud, heavy machinery coming into your site. This day will be a good day to take off work so you can see the transformation first hand. Remember, our goal is to create a tranquil finished environment for you to relax and enjoy, but the process of construction can feel invasive and disconcerting while your yard is in such disarray. Patience and flexibility on your part will make the process flow right along smoothly. It is also important to give your neighbours some advance notice that you are starting the pool project.
Step 9
Step 9: Wall construction
This is where your pool starts to take shape. Our installation crew will erect and level your pool walls and add the staircase, skimmer and other options such as jets and lights.
Step 10
Step 10: Plumbing and equipment placement
Equipment placement is important as pumps and heaters must be located according to local and national building codes. You also want your equipment in an area which compliments the pool and backyard design. Pool equipment can also be placed in an appropriate shed or pool house.
Step 11
Step 11: Concrete pour to set pool walls
This is the step where we anchor the base of your pool walls.  Tons of ready mix concrete is poured around the perimeter of the pool to lock the walls in place.
Step 12
Step 12: Electrical and gas runs and hookup
The electrician will complete the bonding and grounding of the pool and any required trenching to run power and gas to the equipment area. The gasfitter will run their underground lines as well.
Step 13
Step 13: Drainage tile install
This step is very important to maximize the life expectancy of your new pool. Drainage tile (french drain) will move ground water away from behind the pool wall. This helps to combat any ground pressures that have the capability to move or warp your pool wall over the years.
Step 14
Step 14: Pool base construction
A portland concrete mix is formed over the entire floor of the pool. This mix will harden as it establishes the grade of the shallow end and the deep end. The liner is placed on top of this concrete layer.
Step 15
Step 15: City inspection and enclosure (fence) sign off
If the permanent fence and gate is not yet installed, a temporary fence can be arranged with your pool construction manager. This fencing will be necessary to allow us to add water to your pool. The city will approve the temporary fence for water fill.
Step 16
Step 16: Liner installation and water fill
Your pool base will be cleaned and prepared for the liner install.  Our installer will arrange for the water trucks to fill your pool. You will be required to pay for the water at that time. Payment can be made directly to the water delivery company by cheque. Expect around $500 - $1,000 depending on the size of your pool.
Step 17
Step 17: Clean up, trench burying and general grading for decks
This is the best phase of all, because up until now, your yard has been a war zone of open trenches, exposed piping, exposed conduit, exposed re-bar stakes, piles of dirt here and there waiting to be leveled, and a big hole in the ground that was hard to navigate. Suddenly, you have a pool to look at and the yard gets put back to some semblance of normality.
Step 18
Step 18: Deck (subdeck) forming
At this time, the concrete installer/ landscape manager and the home owner should get together to mark out the final placement of patios and decks. Does the design as depicted by the original plan meet your expectations of where you want furniture, landscape, and walkways? Now is the time to double check, ask questions, and make suggestions. Once you see the pool filled with water, you can get a feel for the space and very often subtle changes in landscaping can be made here.
Step 19
Step 19: Deck pouring/ interlock paver installation
Now the concrete will be poured for your pool deck. If you would like colouring added to your concrete or a special finish like stamped concrete please bring this up ahead of time with your construction manager. If you are having interlocking paving bricks installed, the installation will commence shortly after the concrete subdeck cures.
Step 20
Step 20: Equipment startup and show of operations
Another exciting day has arrived: the startup of your new pool. Our pool experts will help out and give you a �show of operations� to learn how to work your new toy. Don't worry, its not hard......
Step 21
Step 21: JUMP IN!
Once the water is balanced - feel free to hop in and start enjoying your new Rideau Pool.
Step 22
Step 22: Landscaping and yard restoration
Feel free to access the expertise of our experienced landscape managers to help arrange grass repair, sod planting or other landscaping desires. The time is now to make your new pool area perfect.
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