Water Features

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waterfall   waterfall 2
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A waterfall added to your new project will definitely add some fun and relaxation to your new pool area. The sound of trickling water captivates all of us - both young and old. It gives your pool area a special feel that a plain pool cannot compete with. Waterfalls are a feature that adds atmosphere to your backyard even when nobody is swimming. It automatically transforms your urban backyard to a tropical paradise that we usually only experience at a sunny vacation destination.
 Deck Jets
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Deck Jets   Deck Jets 2
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Deck jets are a very special water feature becoming more and more popular on everyday backyard pools. The jets can be powered by the main pump and are turned on and off by remote control. The pure stream laminar flow jets (shown above) provide a stunning visual and auditory experience. The stream is sleek, clear and unbroken as it curves gracefully into your pool. Each jet comes standard with LED lighting for a spectacular nighttime show that is second to none.
 Vanishing Edge
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Vanishing Edge   Vanishing Edge 2
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Create divine scenery in your own backyard! A vanishing edge pool (also named negative edge or infinity edge) is a swimming pool that produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, with the soothing sound of a waterfall. This unique feature has become popular with homes and cottages that look onto the water - or elevated lots where the vanishing edge blends into the landscape.
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